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A Dreamy, Intimate Wedding at Braddock's Tavern in Medford, New Jersey

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Every so often an opportunity comes your way to do something that brings back a million memories. That's exactly what happened when I got to photograph Kate and Sonny Piech's wedding on October 15, 2016. Miss Kate was my Girl Scout leader when I was a kid. She, along with out other leaders, had a big impact on my childhood. They were women who I looked up to, admired and respected. They weren't afraid to get dirty on a camping trip; they helped us learn to have an entrepreneurial outlook; they helped us have fun! So when another of my Girl Scout leaders recommended me to photograph Miss Kate's wedding, I was honored to take on the job. 

Going in to this job, I knew that the man who was marrying this beautiful woman, must be equally as wonderful as she is but I had to wait to meet the groom. When I arrived at the house to photograph Miss Kate and her girls, I couldn't believe how much I remembered. It started with Miss Kate's lovely mother greeting me at the door. She even remembered me from our Girl Scout days. 

While all the ladies got their hair done and their makeup on, I found some special quiet moments around the house, the cat they had been feeding outside lounging in the sun, the sun flowers on the kitchen table, the lovely card addressed to Kate and Sonny from Kate's mother. I found her beautiful jewelry and captured images of the items she chose to make herself feel beautiful on her special day. Every small quiet moment around the house held the story of that day.

Soon, all the girls were ready and looked absolutely lovely. We snapped a few photos, taking in the magnificent autumn light and were soon off to St. Mary of the Lakes Church minutes away on Jackson Road in Medford. 

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The ceremony was a traditional full Catholic mass where every family member was included in the service. Miss Kate's mother escorted her down the aisle, her sister stood by her side, Sonny's uncle stood by his, her two oldest daughters did the two readings, Sonny's son did the call and response oral, and Kate's youngest girls and Sonny's daughter brought the gifts to the alter.  

Once they were Mr. and Mrs. and all of their guests were greeted and thanked, we headed out to shoot some photos of the newly merged families and rapidly expanding families. 

After the kids all had their opportunities for photos it was just the newly weds, me and my camera. 

And soon enough, we were off to the reception to celebrate with the rest of their friends and family!

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Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Catherine Davies and I am a photographer located in Medford, New Jersey. I have my Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography which I earned at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. When I graduated from UArts in May 2014 I packed up my stuff and moved down to sunny Orlando, Florida to work for the biggest mouse in show-biz, Mickey. We worked together in the Magic Kingdom for a blissful (and blisteringly hot) 8 months and I loved every second of it. Alas, I was homesick for my family, my dogs and my boyfriend, Doug. 

Since I've been home I have worked as a freelance photographer. At Apple Branch Photography I worked creating unique innovative school portraits and at Chadwick Creative Arts ( I work as a photographer on weddings and other miscellaneous projects (birthday parties, red carpet events, etc.) 

My real passion lies in creating beautiful portraits of any one who will let me.

I am so excited that you found me and I can't wait to help capture your life in cherished photos; from your engagement photos, to your wedding photos; from your new born photographs to your family photographs. I can't wait to capture all the details you never want to forget!

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